1. Cutting & Finishing

With the advice from our professional hairstylists, we will create a best hairstyle to suit your outlook and personality.

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2. Coloring

MATERIA series colors hair to the core and express clear color tones. MATERIA offers a wide lineup to choose from depending on the impression you wish to create and the conditions of the materials you use, expanding the possibilities of color design.

3. Hair Texture

“Simplify the whole process, process Perming, and Hair Treatment at the same time.
Reduce the burden on hair, create the high-quality texture, so you can enjoy designing different hairstyles.
The strongest repair effect, create a new high-value for perming and treatment.”

4. Treatment

Indulge in ultimate smoothing care. This professional 3-step deep conditioning treatment immediately improves hair’s texture, leaving it silky-smooth and soft. Formulated for fine, normal, and coarse hair, this service is perfect for all hair types. Results last up to 5 weeks.