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Bride in BLACK  
Bride in BLACK - BLACK delivers the first feeling of futurity and mystery, Hair Stylist Rio, the art piece creator, he loves cool tone especially black color, so the “Bride in Black” starts from this. Fabulous light transparent gauze in different layers, delivering a mysterious sensation and there a noble and refined bride is.
黑新娘 - 黑色給予人一種來自未來和神秘的感覺,Hair Stylist Rio作品的創作者,尤其鍾情於黑色,一種冷的色系,所以這件黑新娘作品便是源於他對黑色的一份喜愛開始。以薄紗去處理,可產生一種透視的感覺,層次感盡包眼底;為黑新娘嫁衣添上一份高雅脫俗的優雅。
Blessing 祝福 presented by Stylist Franco @ ifc PRIVATE i SALON  
Recently, many unfortunate incidents happened around the world, these sudden scourges have inspired our Stylist Franco Ng to create this hair art piece, 'Blessing', to encourage Hong Kong people. The use of old newspapers represents the unpleasant incidents happened, while the flowers signifies the pureness and joy that are deep within people's hearts. Through this art piece, Franco hopes to hearten Hong Kong people to put all their sadness behind and move on with courage.
近日世界上發生了很多不愉快的事情,總總突如其來的災禍令Stylist Franco有感而發創作這件藝術品;以昔日的報紙蓋面表示所發生的意外事件,而繁花比喻為各人內心深處的純真和喜樂,寄望港人忘記背後,勇敢生活,以輕鬆面對不幸,以信心展望將來。
City of Glass by Stylist Brad, Cyrus & Technician Aryu  
Our Hair Stylists Brad and Cyrus together with our technician Ayru have made this art piece named “ City of Glass”, they wanted to take initiative to support environmental protection, and so this dazzling art piece used only recycled glasses. The use of brick represents the firm foundation in Hong Kong, the use of recycled glasses imitates our beautiful city. The whole art piece makes a compliment on Hong Kong people’s hard work.
i PRIVATE i SALON @九龍塘又一城 髮型師: Brad、Cyrus及技術師Ayru以玻璃創作出這件藝術品『City of Glass』,利用多層的折射面為她添上耀眼的光茫;環保-一個為人所熟識的詞語及理念,今次髮型師及技術師就要用行動將這個概念活現於髮型藝術品之中。用磚塊作為根基,比喻香港人默默耕耘,努力工作所建立的基石;一層一層的白色英泥人形樣貌代表基業堅硬無比;頂部以循環再用的玻璃,展現出香港繁華都市的一面,耀目璀燦;藝術品喻意深長亦是對香港人勤勞成果的一份讚美。
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